Star Trek Slot with Energizing Wilds

Posted on December 10, 2013

star trek slotOne of the special features on this slot machine is energizing wilds. On the Star Trek slot Against All Odds, the energizing wilds is a random feature that can add between 2 and 5 extra wilds to the reels and so can play an important role in getting you wins.

Against All Odds
This slot machine is based on the movie Star Trek Against All Odds but with 720 possible winning combinations on the reels, the odds are really in your favor, plus it has a bonus round that increases your odds still further.

The bonus round on this slot machine is triggered when you get five bonus symbols on the reels and is called Enterprise Defender Bonus. The round starts by you shooting down incoming missiles and the number of missiles that you are able to shoot down will determine what rank you are for the round, lieutenant, commander or captain. In turn, it is dependent on what rank you are, how many free spins that the round will consist of. It is therefore very important that you aim well at the start of the round.

This bonus round does come with another option though. If you would rather not play the shooting of the missiles part of the round, the machine will automatically award you a rank at random, so if your aim is not particularly good, then the second option may be your better choice.

720 Wins
The reason why the Star Trek Slot can offer as many as 720 different winning combinations is because it has the Multiway Xtra feature which allows it to pay wins for symbols that match up both left to right and right to left. It also allows for the stacking of wild symbols and between these two additional features, the amount of winning combinations increases astoundingly.

Whether it is the large amount of different wins possible, the exciting shoot-em style bonus round or just the Star Trek name, something has certainly made this slot machine a very popular one either to trekkies or slot enthusiasts.

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