Play Star Trek Slots with Stacked Wilds

Posted on December 06, 2013

play star trek slotsOne of the features on these slot machines is that the wild symbols can be stacked. This is just one of the reasons why when you play Star Trek slots, the Against All Odds version, that there are 720 winning combinations on the reels. Another reason why there are so many winning combinations is that the symbols on the reels can be read both left to right and right to left, greatly increasing your chances of acquiring a win. Although some of these wins may be perhaps small, some are big like getting 5 of the scatter symbols that can win you up to 100 times your bet.

Bonus Round
Probably by far the best way to obtain a large win on these slot machines is though, attaining entry to the bonus round. This is done by getting 5 Enterprise symbols showing on the reels.

This bonus round consists of a wheel of fortune type game but there are three different wheels that can be played, all with different win amounts around their edge. The wheel that you will play for the round will depend on your rank at the time that you are playing it. There are three wheels which mean that there are three ranks that you can play the in, lieutenant, commander or captain. Your rank at the time of playing can be determined in two ways. Firstly if you choose to do nothing, the slot machines will automatically and randomly, assign you a rank to play the round in. You can however, choose to play an additional game to determine your rank. This is a shooting game and depending on how good a job you do of shooting the aliens, will determine which rank you hold for the purposes of the bonus round.

The amount of the wins on each wheel can vary greatly and so you should aim carefully if you choose to take that route. A lieutenant’s wheel has a maximum payout of x 6,500, the commander’s wheel has a maximum payout of x 15,000 and the captain’s wheel has a maximum payout of x 22,500 which is perhaps too big a difference to leave to a random choice by the machine.

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