Play Star Trek Slot with a Shoot-Em Bonus

Posted on December 14, 2013

play star trek slotOn this slot machine you have the option to play a shoot-em style start to the bonus round, almost like playing a video game. If you wish to, when you play Star Trek slot, you can try and shoot down enemy missiles and depending on how good you are at it, the machine will award you a rank for that round accordingly, lieutenant, commander or captain. Obviously the more missiles you are able to shoot down, the higher the rank the machine will award you. The number of spins of the wheel in the remainder of the round will depend on what rank you have achieved and so obviously the more missiles you shoot, the higher your rank and the better chance you have of winning big in this bonus round. You can though, opt not to play the shoot-em part of the round in which case the slot machine will award you a rank randomly and you take your chances with that.

720 Wins
This Against All Odds version of the Star Trek Slot, offers 720 different possible winning combinations on the reels which really puts the odds in your favor. It is possible to offer this many wins because it not only allows for wilds to be stacked but also allows for the symbols on the reels to be read both ways, left to right and right to left. These additional features increase the winning possibilities greatly and also your odds on hitting a winning combination.

Energizing Wilds
Even with the large amount of winning combinations available on this slot machine and an exciting and potentially high paying bonus round, there is still one further special feature that may assist you in having a profitable as well as exciting and enjoyable game of slots. This additional special feature is called Energizing Wilds. The Energizing Wilds feature appears randomly whilst you are playing the game and once it appears, it immediately adds between 2 and 5 extra wilds to the reels of the slot machine.

With the combination of the popular Star Trek name plus the exciting and potentially high paying bonus round and special features, this slot machine has acquired great popularity.

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