Star Trek Slots have Good Odds

Posted on December 18, 2013

star trek slotsAlso this version of the slots is called Against All Odds; the odds on you winning on the game are certainly in your favor. This version of the Star Trek slots has 720 winning possibilities on the reels and that on its own would mean that the odds on you winning are certainly in your favor but it doesn’t stop there. As well as there already being 720 ways that you can win, there is also a special feature called energizing wilds and this is a special feature that randomly gives you between 2 and 5 extra wild symbols on the center 3 of the 5 reels.

How these slot machines are able to offer you so many winning combinations is because firstly, they allow for wild symbols to be stacked up and secondly, they allow for symbols to be read from left to right plus from right to left. These two special features more than double the amount of winning possibilities that you would expect to find on other slot machines.

Shooting Game
The odds stack up even more in your favor when you realize that there is also a bonus round available to be played on these slots. This bonus round is called Enterprise Defender Bonus and it can start off with a shooting game. When you trigger this bonus round by getting a bonus symbol on each of the five reels, you will be offered the chance to play a shooting game. If you accept you will have to shoot down some missiles and depending on how well you do, you will be allotted a rank accordingly. The ranks that you can attain are lieutenant, commander and captain and the higher the rank you earn; the more free spins you will receive for the round. If you choose not to play the shooting part of this bonus round because you don’t trust your aim or just because it doesn’t appeal to you, you will randomly be allotted a rank for the purposes of that round. Your rank of course may change each time you trigger the round.

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