Play Star Trek Slots and Shoot for a Rank

Posted on December 22, 2013

play star trek slotsOn the bonus round on these slot machines you can choose to play a shooting game to determine what your rank will be for the round. When you play Star Trek slots, the number of free spins that you receive on the bonus round will depend on what rank you have attained for the purposes of the round. The ranks available to be promoted to for the round are lieutenant, commander and captain. There are therefore two ways that can determine your rank. Firstly you can opt to do nothing in which case the machines will randomly allocate you a rank. The second way is to opt to play a shooting game where you are required to shoot down some missiles, after which the machines will allocate you a rank determined by how well you performed in shooting down the missiles.

Against All Odds
The Against All Odds version of the Star Trek slots not only offer this exciting bonus round that can see you playing a skillful video style shooting game but, possibly unbelievably considering its name, also puts the odds in your favor by having 720 winning combinations on its reels. This number of winning combinations is possible because the machines allow for the wild symbols to be stacked and also because, unlike most slots that award wins for lining up matching symbols across the rows from left to right only, these slots also allow the symbols to be matched up from right to left as well, which of course doubles the number of winning combinations available.

Energizing Wilds
In yet another special feature that also assists you in winning, these slots have a feature called energizing wilds. This feature allows for an extra 2 to 5 wild symbols to be randomly added to the center 3 of the 5 reels. Star Trek is an exciting theme for a slot machine and its name alone would automatically bring it some popularity but the Against All Odds version allows for so many ways to win added to an exciting bonus round, which raises its popularity greatly.

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