Play Star Trek Slot and Shoot Missiles

Posted on December 26, 2013

play star trek slotThis slot machine has a bonus round in which you can opt to shoot down missiles in an attempt to earn extra free spins. When you play Star Trek slot and reach the bonus round, the number of free spins that you are allotted for the round will depend on what rank you hold for that round. In order to assess what rank you deserve, the machine offers you the chance to play a shooting game. This shooting game requires that you shoot down missiles and how well you do will determine what rank the machine will allocate you for that round and of course how many free spins. If though you do not consider that your aiming abilities will give you an advantage in this round, you can opt not to play the shooting part of the round. Of course though, if you choose this option, it will be up to the machine to allot you a rank randomly.

Apart from the bonus round there are 720 winning combinations on the reels of this slot machine which means although this particular version of the Star Trek Slot is supposed to be Against All Odds, the odds are actually in your favor.
The reason why this slot machine can have so many winning combinations is down to a couple of things. Firstly the wild symbols on the reels of the slot are able to be stacked, widely opening up the winning possibilities. Secondly, unusually for a slot machine, the symbols can be read from left to right and right to left, which logically, doubles the amount of winning combinations.

Energizer Wilds
As well as the large number of wins that are already possible and the fact that there is an exciting bonus round, there is also one other special feature that really makes you an odds on favorite to win on this machine. The additional special feature is what is known as energizing wilds. This feature consists of 2 to 5 wilds being randomly added to the center three reels of the machine.

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