Re-Live a Legend on this Slot

Probably the most famous sci-fi TV series was Star Trek which became almost legendary and not so surprisingly for something so popular, several versions were made of it. This popularity spread to slot machines with several being themed on the different series but the original Star Trek slot featured the original cast and Captain Kirk, […]

Guaranteed Wins are Tripled on this Slot

In one of the bonus rounds on this slot machine, you are actually guaranteed wins and when you get them, they are trebled. The Star Trek slot, the original one at least, has 4 bonus rounds, one for each of the main four characters but it is only in the Captain Kirk round where you […]

This is the Original Slot from the Original Series

Although there are now several star trek slot machines, this one is the original and is therefore also themed on the original series, featuring the original characters. The Star Trek slot features the main characters captain kirk, Spock, Uhura and Scotty, each of which, as well as featuring as symbols on the reels along with […]

Start Your Own Mission on this Slot

Star Trek was on a 6 month mission to parts unknown but when you play the slot that is based on the series, your mission is different. The original Star Trek slot maybe themed on the series and feature the main characters of Captain Kirk, Spock, Uhura and Scotty but when you play it, your […]

Star Trek goes Where No Slot has Gone Before

There are now several slot machines which have been based on the different series or movies of Star trek but it is the original version which goes where no slot has gone before. Not only does the Star Trek slot have a jackpot but in perhaps a unique action not been seen on other slot […]

You Get Guaranteed Wins on this Slot

On one of the bonus rounds on this slot machine, you are guaranteed to win. On the original Star Trek slot, there are four bonus rounds, one named after each of the main stars, Captain Kirk, Spock, Uhura and Scotty and although all of them can get you some good wins, Captain Kirk’s bonus round […]

Star Trek on a Slot

The phenomenon that is Star Trek has now come to the world of slot machines. When you play Star Trek slot you are playing the first in a series of slots that have been themed on the sci-fi TV series that became a worldwide sensation. This version joins the original crew of Captain Kirk, Spock, […]

Be Transported to Bonus Rounds on this Slot

On this slot machine when you trigger a bonus round, you find yourself in the transporter room being transported to the relevant round. On the original version of Star Trek slot, you have four separate bonus rounds that you can trigger; one for each of the four main crew members of the Star Ship Enterprise. […]

Sci-Fi Action on a Slot Machine

It has taken 45 years for the popular TV series to become available on a slot machine and now there are two versions to choose from. The Star Trek slot now comes in two versions, both of which are very popular. The original version, perhaps as you would expect, features the original characters from the […]

Win by Character on this Slot Machine

The TV series Star Trek has been around for years and now several movies have been made about the adventures of these futuristic heroes. Now, 45 years from the series initial introduction, the Star Trek slot has now become available to allow fans of this sci-fi series to share in the adventures that the spaceship’s […]