Re-Live a Legend on this Slot

Posted on November 28, 2014

star trek slotProbably the most famous sci-fi TV series was Star Trek which became almost legendary and not so surprisingly for something so popular, several versions were made of it. This popularity spread to slot machines with several being themed on the different series but the original Star Trek slot featured the original cast and Captain Kirk, Spock, Uhura and Scotty are all there on the reels as symbols. Apart from appearing on the reels as symbols, these main four characters from the original series also have bonus rounds dedicated to them, each of which can earn you some big bucks when you trigger them.

Captain Kirk was never short of surprises and so in his bonus round there is perhaps a unique surprise. To trigger this bonus round you must get 2 bonus symbols showing, accompanied by a Captain Kirk symbol and when you do you will be awarded 3 to 6 free spins but here is the surprise, these are 3 to 6 winning spins which means, you will keep getting free spins until you have received between 3 and 6 wins and when you do get those wins, they will pay 3 times their usual pay-out amounts.

Spock’s bonus round is triggered when you get 2 bonus symbols with a Spock symbol and when you do, you will be awarded between 10 and 15 free spins. Spock is logical though and knows that the more free spins you have, the more you can win and so he has made his round able to be retriggered meaning you could get a lot more than just 15 free spins before the round is over.

In Uhura’s round, which is triggered with 2 bonus symbols and one of hers, you get between 6 and 12 free spins but during her round she has arranged for you to be paid any time you get a scatter symbol on the reels.

Scotty’s bonus round is in 2 halves, the first consisting of 5 free spins with a multiplier of 2 to 5 and the second half consists of 5 free spins with a multiplier between 4 and 10.

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