Shoot for Higher Wins on these Slots

Posted on March 28, 2014

play star trek slotsOn these slot machines, the higher rank you hold whilst playing the bonus round, will lead to the possibility of winning higher payouts. When you play Star Trek slots and opt to play Against All Odds, the second version of the game, the bonus round can be played in three different ranks, lieutenant, commander or captain. As a lieutenant you can obtain a win as high as 6,500 times your original bet, whilst as a commander you can earn a win 15,000 times your original bet but as captain is the highest of these ranks, when you play the bonus round as a captain, your win can be 22,500 times your original bet, an amount that is truly astounding and one that can be so high that the producers found themselves having to place a cap on the maximum payout. This cap though, has been set at ΒΌ million coins and so it is certainly still worth winning.

When you trigger the bonus round on these slots, your rank will be determined in one of two ways and it is you that has the choice of which way is used. The option that you will have is to leave it up to the machine. By allowing this option to be used, the machine will randomly appoint you a rank for the course of the round. The other option allows you to take your fate in your own hands. This option allows you to play a video style shooting game where you are required to shoot down as many enemy alien spacecraft as possible. Your performance in the shooting down of these alien craft will be monitored by the machine and it will allocate you a rank determined on that performance.

The bonus round is just one aspect of these slot machines though and wins can also be attained on the regular play of the machine. As the symbols on these slot machines can be read in both directions, the number of wins available is a staggering 720, a far greater number than those found on machines where symbols can only be read in one direction and the biggest of these wins can be as much as 30,000 coins.

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