A Higher Rank pays more on this Slot Machine

Posted on March 24, 2014

play star trek slotAfter 45 years of being shown on the TV, the Star Trek series has finally had a slot machine themed on it. In fact when you play Star Trek slot, you will have a choice between two versions to play, the original or the Against All Odds version which has a total of 750 different ways to win. On this second version, as the symbols on the reels can be read from left to right and right to left, there are obviously far more winning combinations available than there would be if they could only be read in one direction.

This slot machine has some exceptionally high wins that are available and in the regular play alone, you could win as much as 30,000 coins for getting 5 of the scatter symbols in a row. It is in the bonus round though, where the highest wins can be attained. How high the win is in the bonus round, will depend on the rank that you hold when you play it, playing as a lieutenant, the top prize could be as high as x6,500 your original bet. Playing as a commander will see a multiplier of x15,000 and playing as a Captain, the top rank, you will win x22,500 which adds up to an incredibly high pay out. One point worth noting though, is that because these wins can be so high, a cap has been placed on the top prize meaning it will never exceed ¼ million coins and so if you play the bonus round in the rank of Captain, you no need to bet the maximum amount in order to win the maximum payout.

When you trigger the bonus round, your rank can be determined in two ways. Firstly you could leave it to the machine to randomly appoint you a rank or, for the more adventurous; you can earn your rank. In this bonus round, you play a shooting style game where you shoot down alien craft and your rank will be determined on how successful you are, in your shooting encounter.

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