Star Trek Slot a Sci-Fi Phenomenon

Posted on January 15, 2014

star trek slotThe following that the sci-fi series and later the movies received is somewhat of a phenomenon. There are exhibitions going on all over the country throughout the year, even though the original series ceased long ago. This massive support for the series obviously attracted the making of movies and even a follow on series and now there is the Star Trek slot. In fact there are now at least two versions of slot machines that are themed on this epic series and the latest one being, Star Trek Slot Against All Odds. Although this slot machine’s name may be linked to the latest movie, its name does not truly describe the game because on this slot machine, the odds would certainly seem to be in your favor. There are no less than 720 winning combinations on the reels that could come into play at any time and this is very high number of possible winning combinations is due mainly to two factors; firstly the wilds are able to be stacked creating more possible ways to win and secondly due to the fact that the symbols on the reels can be read both left to right and right to left, which of course will at least double the ability to find a win.

Just because there are so many ways to win don’t think that all the wins are small as the highest win can pay 1,000 times your bet and then there is also a bonus round that can win you even more.

At the start of the bonus round you will be offered the opportunity to play a video game style format where your competence in shooting down missiles will determine your rank for the rest of the round. The ranks on offer are lieutenant, commander and captain and the higher the rank achieved, the higher the payouts will be. With the highest rank, which is captain, you can win an astounding x 22,500. If you would rather choose not to play the shooting part of the round, the Star Trek Slot will randomly allocate you a rank for that particular round.

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