Play Star Trek Slots with Four Bonus Rounds

Posted on January 11, 2014

play star trek slotsOn these slot machines there are a total of four different bonus rounds. When you play Star Trek slots the four bonus rounds that you could get are all named after characters from the TV series, they are Captain Kirk, Spock, Uhura and Scotty. As well as other Star Trek inspired symbols on the reels of these, the originals of the Star Trek slots, these four characters also have their symbols on them. To trigger a particular one of these bonus rounds you must get two bonus symbols on reels 2 and 3 and that particular character’s symbol on reel 4.

Captain Kirk’s bonus round guarantees you at least 3 if not as many as 6 winning spins, even if it takes 250 free spins to get them. Not only will you definitely get these winning spins but when you do, they will pay three times their usual pay amounts. Spock’s bonus round doesn’t guarantee a win but gives you 15 free spins and so the odds are in your favor of getting at least a couple and when you do, they will pay twice their normal amount. Uhura’s bonus round also gives you free spins, this time it will be some where between 6 and 12 but before these free spins start, extra wilds will have been added to the reels to make the wins come easier. Scotty’s round comes in two halves, both of which feature 5 free spins but for the first 5 free spins, there will be a multiplier of between x 2 and x 5 whilst the second set of 5 free spins will have a multiplier of between x4 and x10.

Wins are of course also available on the regular play of these slot machines and some of them are very good. The best win on the regular play is by getting 5 Captain Kirk symbols showing on the reels and if you can get that whilst playing the second half of Scotty’s bonus round with a multiplier of x 10, you could win as much as 300,000 coins.

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