Shooting for Wins on Star Trek Slots

Posted on January 19, 2014

star trek slotsWhen you reach the bonus round on these slot machines you can shoot down missiles in a video style game to battle for a rank you will hold for that particular bonus round. The Star Trek slots offer this chance to determine your rank as the higher your rank, the bigger the wins you can attain. If you hold the rank of lieutenant, your win could be as high as x 6,500 whilst the rank of commander can earn you a win as high as x 15,000. The highest rank though is captain and by attaining this rank your win could be as high as a staggering x 22,500. Your rank will be determined by the machine depending on your success in the shooting down of the missiles in the opening part of the round and will be good for that round only. If for any reason such as not being too confident in your aim or not feeling in the mood to play an action packed, fast video game, then you can opt for the machine to randomly allocate you a rank for that round.

720 Wins
Amazingly, because these slot machines have wilds that are able to be stacked and also, unusually for a slot machine, the symbols can be read both left to right and right to left in order to line up a winning combination, these slots offer 720 different winning combinations on their reels. Surprisingly, although there are so many winning options and the bonus round has the potential to be so high paying, these 720 wins are not all small. One of the wins from the 720 options can pay as high as 100 times your wager and one that even pays an astounding 1,000 times the amount that you bet.

Against All Odds
Although these particular Star Trek Slots are based on the movie Against All Odds, with the number of winning possibilities that they have to offer and the size of the wins that can potentially be attained, the odds certainly aren’t against you but are seemingly stacked in your favor.

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