Beat the Odds on Star Trek Slot

Posted on January 31, 2014

star trek slotOn this slot machine, despite the name, you certainly have the odds in your favor. This, the Against All Odds version of the Star Trek slot has 720 different winning combinations on the reels and that must really put the odds in your favor. In order to allow this many potential wins on the reels, the symbols, unlike other slots where they can only be read in one direction, can be read both left to right and right to left, plus there are stacked wilds on the center reel.

This is not the only thing to assist you in getting wins, there is also an added feature that is known as the Energizing Wilds and this feature allows for between to and 5 extra wilds to be randomly added to the reels.

Bonus Round
There is also a bonus round on this machine that is called the Enterprise Defender Bonus and is triggered when you get five bonus symbols showing, one on each reel. This bonus round features a wheel and the number of spins that you get on the wheel will depend on what rank you hold for the purposes of the round. There are two ways in which your rank will be determined for the round. The first way is to opt to play a video style shooting game where you shoot down missiles. If you opt to take this option, the machine will award you a rank that reflects how well you performed at the game. If for any reason you would prefer not to play this shooting game, then the machine will randomly appoint you a rank for the purposes of the round.

The ranks that it is possible to attain for the playing of the bonus round are lieutenant, commander or captain and the higher your rank, the more spins that you will be allowed on the wheel.

With 720 winning possibilities on the reels, energizing wilds and an exciting a possibly lucrative bonus round available, there is no doubt that you will have an exciting experience but you should also have a rewarding one as well.

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