Play Star Trek Slots and Win by Rank

Posted on January 27, 2014

play star trek slotsThe amount that you can win on the bonus round of these slot machines will greatly depend on what the rank is that you hold for that particular round. When you play Star Trek slots the ranks that you can hold, for the purposes of the win amounts, on the bonus round are; lieutenant, commander or captain. The rank of lieutenant has the potential to earn you x 6,500 win whilst the rank of commander has the potential to earn you x 15,000 one. Perhaps obviously though, the highest rank being captain, this rank has the potential to earn you a win that is as high as x 22,500.

There are two ways in which your rank for the purposes of the round can be determined; both are decided by the machine. One of the ways is to allow the machine to choose you a rank at random and the other is by you impressing the machine enough to give you a high rank. To allow you the opportunity to impress the machine, you will be offered the chance to play a fast action, video style game where you have to shoot down missiles, in which case, if you accept this option, your performance in the shoot out will be taken into the decision making of the machine and so if you aim and shoot well, you could attain a higher rank.

Against All Odds
Although these particular versions of the slots are named after the movie Against All Odds, nothing could really be further from the truth because with these slots the odds are stacked in your favor with there being no less than 720 winning combinations on the regular play reels.

This amazing number of ins is possible because apart from the wilds being able to be stacked, the symbols on the reels, unusually for modern slot machines, an be read from both directions. This means that where most slot machines where you have to look for wins going from left to right across the reels, on these you can also look for them from right to left, doubling your chances of finding one.

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