Wins are Ranked on this Slot

Posted on April 09, 2014

play star trek slotThis is one slot machine where the size of your win can depend on what rank you hold. When you play Star Trek slot and reach the bonus round, the size of your wins will depend on what rank you are when you play the round. Regardless of what rank you hold, the bonus rounds on this slot machine are very generous but as the higher the rank that you hold, the more you can win, you must be concerned with your rank. Once you trigger the bonus round your rank can be determined in two ways. The first way is to just l eave it up to the slot machine and it will randomly select you a rank of either lieutenant, commander or captain. The second way though, allows you to play a role in which rank you have and you don’t leave it to chance. The second way to determine your rank is to play a video style game where you shoot down enemy alien’s spacecraft. This way means that the slot machine will monitor how you do on this game, noting how well you aim and how many spacecraft you are able to shoot down. It is only after this game is over that the slot machine will determine your rank but this time it will not be done in a random manner, it will be dependent on your performance during the game.

If you play the bonus round in the lowest rank of lieutenant, you will still be able to win an amount as high as 6,500 times the amount you bet but the other ranks can see you winning even more. If you play the bonus round in the rank of commander, your win can be as big as 15,000 times the amount that you bet and playing the round as a captain, the highest of the ranks, you could win an enormous 22,500 times your bet.

It is perhaps worth noting here that, because such bid wins are available on this slot machine, the highest payout has been restricted to a maximum of ¼ million coins.

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