250,000 Coins can be Won on these Slots

Posted on April 13, 2014

play star trek slotsThese slot machines have to be among the highest paying slots available today. When you play Star Trek slots, Against All Odds, the second in the series of slots themed on the TV series, because the payouts can reach such high levels during the bonus round, a maximum payout of 250,000 coins has had to be placed on them.

These slot machines are all round potentially good payers and have 720 different winning combinations on their reels. This large number of payouts is due to the symbols on the slots, being able to be read from left to right and right to left, something that is almost unique to these slots. Although there are an abundance of wins available, it doesn’t by any means mean, that those wins have to be small, in fact the largest win, outside of the bonus round, is 100 times your bet, which could for a maximum bet, relate to a win of 30,000 coins.

It is in the bonus round though; that the biggest wins can be obtained and the size of the win you get in there will be dependent on the rank you hold when you play the round. If you play the round as a lieutenant, you could receive a win that is 6,500 times the size of your bet and as the rank commander is higher than lieutenant, playing the round in the rank of commander could win you 15,000 times the amount you bet. Captain is the highest rank you can attain on these slots though and if you play the bonus round in this rank, your win could be as high as 22,500 times the amount you wagered.

Although they are all good wins, they do vary greatly in size and so you must try and attain the highest rank possible to play the bonus round in. The rank you play the bonus round in, can either be dictated randomly by the machine or if you prefer, you could play a video style shooting game, the results of which will determine your rank.

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