Star Trek Slots Go Where No Others have Been

Posted on November 12, 2013

star trek slotsThese slot machines go beyond the limits of what most slot machines dare by offering four separate, exciting and lucrative bonus rounds. Star Trek slots have one bonus round for each of the four main characters in the Star Wars Against All Odds movie on which it is based. There is the Captain Kirk bonus round, Spock’s bonus round, Uhura’s bonus round and Scotty’s bonus round.

The symbols on the reels of this slot machine, has as symbols, some of the characters from the movie as well as other symbols and if you get two of the bonus round symbols plus one of the above four character’s symbols on the reels at the same time, that character’s bonus round will be triggered. Although all the bonus rounds are played differently, they are all exciting and can all be very profitable.

Bonus Rounds
The Captain Kirk bonus round has between 3 and 6 winning spins and a multiplier of x 3. Spock’s bonus round not only has an amazing 15 free spins but also all the wins are subject to a multiplier of x 2. Uruha’s bonus round starts by adding extra wilds to the reels and then continues to play 6 to 12 free spins. Scotty’s bonus round has 10 free spins that are played in two halves. The first 5 free spins are subject to multipliers of between x 2 and x 5 and then the next 5 free spins are subject to multipliers between x4 and x10.

Even though the Star Trek Slots go beyond most other slot machines by offering four exciting and potentially well paying bonus rounds, it also offers some other high paying wins as well, such as for getting five of the Captain symbols showing on the reels. It is when you consider that these high paying wins can also be obtained during the free spins on the bonus rounds you realize how far the Star Trek Slots have gone, as in getting five Captain symbols whilst in the second half of Scotty’s bonus where the x 10 multiplier will mean you get a win of 300,000 coins.

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