Play Star Trek Slot and a Character Bonus

Posted on November 16, 2013

play star trek slotOn this slot machine there is one bonus round for each of the four main characters from the movie that the machine is based on. When you play Star Trek slot, which is based on the Star Trek movie Against All Odds, the four bonus rounds are Captain Kirk’s bonus, Spock’s bonus, Uruha’s bonus and Scotty’s bonus, each of which is played in different ways but all have the potential to win big. To play one of these bonus rounds you must first acquire on the reels, two bonus symbols plus the character symbol of the bonus round that you will play.

In Captain Kirk’s bonus round you could play up to 250 free spins ensuring that you receive between 3 and 6 winning spins and those winning spins will receive a multiplier of x 3.

Spock’s bonus round has 15 free spins all of which are subject to a multiplier of x 2.

Uruha’s bonus round first adds extra wilds to the reels and only then do you play between 6 and 12 free spins.

Scotty’s bonus round is played in two halves. The first half has 5 free spins with a multiplier of between x 2 and x 5 and the second half consists of another 5 free spins but this time the multiplier is one that is between x 4 and x 10.

Star Trek Slot
Of course anything to do with Star Trek seems to be a great success, the TV series, the movies and now that same success is found in the game of slots. The popularity of this game of slots can not only be placed at the feet of the theme though, it is an excellent slot machine in its own right, with some exciting and well paying bonus rounds. The bonus rounds are not the only way to win on this machine though; there are also some very lucrative wins in the regular play. As with almost any slot, in regular play you match the symbols and by matching the symbols on this game you can win big especially if you do it whilst subject to a multiplier as in the bonus rounds. 5 Captain symbols with a x 10 multiplier will win 300,000 coins.

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