The Crew Supply the Bonuses on these Slots

Posted on June 26, 2014

star trek slotsAs these slots are based on the original series of Star trek, it is the crew members Captain Kirk, Spock, Uhura and Scotty that provide the bonus rounds. On the Star Trek slots, the original versions, you trigger the bonus rounds by getting two of the bonus symbols plus the character whose bonus round you want to play, on the reels at the same time and once you trigger them, although only one guarantees you wins, wins will surely come your way whichever one you trigger.

It is Captain Kirk’s bonus round that promises you wins and it will provide you with 6 triple paying wins even if it takes 250 free spins to get them. One of the better features on this slot machine is that you can even win the jackpot of 5 Captain Kirk symbols during a free spin and it will still qualify to be multiplied.

Spock’s bonus round has 10 to 15 free spins to start with but as the round can be retriggered, other batches of 15 free spins can keep being added, resulting a lot of free spins per round.

Uhura’s bonus round has 12 free spins nut as an added incentive any scatter symbol that appears on the reels during those spins will generate an additional win.

Scotty’s bonus round is in two parts and starts with 5 free spins that are treated to a multiplier of up to 5 for any wins and a second half that treats any wins to a multiplier of between 5 and 10. Obviously, although not guaranteed, getting 5 of the Captain Kirk symbols on the reels during the second half of Scotty’s bonus round when there is a multiplier of x 10 will result in the biggest win possible on these slots.

It is unusual for a slot machine to have its jackpot linked to a possible multiplier in this way but wasn’t it the motto of the Star trek crew to take you places that you have never been before and they certainly do that with this feature.

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