The Crew on this Slot have Some Winning Ways

Posted on June 08, 2014

play star trek slotThis slot machine is themed after the original of the Star Trek TV series and just as how the main characters in that crew had some winning ways, they still do now that they are on a slot machine. When you play Star Trek slot, like in the series, it is always Captain Kirk, Spock, Uhura or Scotty that seemed to have some kind of way to save the day and in the case of this slot machine, their winning ways are bonus rounds. Each of the characters has a bonus round and as they also have their own symbols on the reels, you can trigger their bonus rounds by getting one of their symbols on the reels at the same time as you get two bonus symbols. Once any of the bonus rounds has started, you are surely on your way to a winning experience and Captain Kirk’s round, actually guarantees it.

Having triggered the Captain Kirk bonus round by getting one of his symbols on the reels at the same time as you got two bonus symbols, you will be awarded a stream of free spins that won’t stop until you have received a randomly appointed number of wins that will be somewhere between 3 and 6. To make these wins even more impressive than they could already be, a multiplier of three will be attached to each of the wins you attain.

Spock is very ingenious and so although his round awards between 10 and 15 free spins, he has managed to make it possible to retrigger the round whilst the free spins are still in play, meaning that the round could actually have a lot more than just 15 free spins in it.

In Uhura’s bonus round, she has been able to organize that the bonus symbols will automatically pay a win for just one of them appearing during the 6 to 12 free spins you are awarded for her round.

Scotty’s bonus round is played in two halves, one half has 5 free spins with multipliers ranging from x2 to x5 and the second 5 free spins with a multiplier ranging between x4 and x10.

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