Star Trek Slots Assign Ranks

Posted on November 28, 2013

star trek slotsWhen you reach the bonus round on these slot machines, the machine may randomly allocate you a rank in which you will play the round in. This is avoidable on the Star Trek slots though, by opting to fight for your rank. Instead of being randomly allotted a rank, you can play a shooting game to determine your rank. The ranks available are lieutenant, commander and captain and the higher the rank you are the better or bigger your win could be. The shooting game to determine your rank requires that you try to shoot aliens but take aim carefully as, depending on your rank, you could earn as much as x 22,500 on the bonus round. The bonus round itself consists of a wheel of fortune type wheel and the wheel that you play depends on the rank that you have attained, obviously the higher your rank, the bigger the wins surrounding the wheel.

720 Wins
The bonus round isn’t the only way to attain wins on this Against All Odds version of the Star Trek Slots, as there are in total 720 different winning combinations possible on the reels. This large number of winning possibilities is, in part, due to the fact that the symbols on the reels can be read right to left as well as left to right. The number of winning combinations is also increased because the wild symbols are able to be stacked.

One of the wins, outside of the bonus round, includes a win of up to x 100 for acquiring 5 of the scatter symbols on the reels. Although all of the wins on regular play may not be as big as the ones possible on the bonus round, with 720 available, the odds are certainly appearing to be in your favor for earning them on a regular basis and to assist you in doing this, extra wilds are sometimes randomly added to the reels, building your odds still further. Although it is nice to receive one big win, if smaller wins come often enough, the overall winning amount can soon build up.

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