Scotty Multiplies your Wins on these Slots

Posted on October 04, 2014

play star trek slotsScotty was the chief engineer in the original Star trek series and so when you play these slots which are based on the original series, Scotty is there to try and engineer some extra big wins for you. When you play Star Trek slots, the original versions, the first crew of the Star Ship Enterprise are all there to try and help you win. Not only are they there in the form of symbols on the reels, which alone would help but they also have their own bonus rounds, well, Captain Kirk, Spock, Uhura and Scotty do at least. Each of their rounds is different and some of them are perhaps unique but all of them have the potential to bring you some big wins, especially with Scotty in engineering.

Captain Kirk is never shy to be the first at anything and in his bonus round, he is probably the first to actually guarantee you wins. Instead of just awarding you a set number of free spins, Kirk awards you between 3 and 6 wins no matter how many free spins that may take and then, he trebles those wins to ensure that you get the maximum benefit from them.

Spock is logical and so to him, more is better. Not completely satisfied that 10 to 15 free spins will be enough for you, his round can be retriggered which means, other sets of 10 to 15 free spins can be added to the first set, if you again trigger the round.

Uhura awards you between 10 and 12 free spins in her bonus round but if during the round, you get any scatter symbols, even just one anywhere on the reels, you will receive an additional win.

It is in Scotty’s bonus round where he can multiply your wins. His round is in 2 parts and in the first part you are awarded 5 free spins with a multiplier of up to x 5 and in the second part, another 5 free spins but this time with a multiplier of at least x 4 and a maximum of x 10.

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