Scotty Helps get the Biggest Win on these Slots

Posted on October 24, 2014

star trek slotsAlthough the biggest win possible on these slots is 5 of the Captain Kirk symbols, you can earn 10 times as much with some assistance from Scotty. Captain Kirk, Spock, Uhura and Scotty all appear as symbols on the reels of these, the original Star Trek slots. As the slots are based on the popular TV series, it is only fitting that the characters appear as symbols on the reels but they not only do that, they also have their own bonus rounds.

Captain Kirk’s bonus round is probably unique as it is doubtful that any other bonus round on any slot machine, guarantees you wins like his does. Once you have triggered the Captain Kirk bonus round, you will be allotted 3 to 6 winning spins, not just free spins but free winning spins. This means that you can have as many free spins as is necessary for you to obtain the required number of wins. To ensure that you make the most of these wins, Captain Kirk trebles whatever the pay-out may be for them.

Spock is always trying to be different and as there is nothing too unusual about the 10 to 15 free spins that are awarded to you in his bonus round, he has arranged that the round can be retriggered, meaning, whilst you are still playing the free spins allotted you, you could have 15 more free spins added and this can keep being repeated.

Uhura’s round consists of 10 to 12 free spins but Uhura wants to give you something extra and so she has arranged for an additional win to be possible during her round. During the Uhura bonus round, if you can get even just one scatter symbol on any of the reels, you will receive a win.

10 free spins in Scotty’s bonus round are divided into 2, with the first 5 having a multiplier of up to 5 and the second part having a maximum of 10 and it is if you can get 5 Captain Kirk symbols during this round, you could have the top prize multiplied by 10.

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