Fight for Rank on Star Trek Slots

Posted on February 16, 2014

star trek slotsOn these slot machines, the rank that you hold at the time that you play the bonus rounds can be crucial in how much you can make on the rounds. In these, the Against All Odds versions of the Star Trek slots, you are offered the opportunity to play a video style shooting game in order to secure a higher rank. If you opt to play this section of the round, you will have to try and shoot down some incoming missiles. The machines will evaluate how well you did in defending the Enterprise and award you a rank accordingly. However, if you don’t trust your aim or just do not like shooting games, you can opt not to take part in that particular aspect of the game, in which case the slot machines will randomly award you a rank. The ranks that you can hold for the purposes of the bonus rounds are lieutenant, commander and captain with the higher ranks being more beneficial to your ability to win big.

Although these versions of the game are called Against All Odds, you can clearly see that if you can shoot well on the bonus round, you can increase your odds of winning. On regular play though, the odds of you winning are already high as, the reels on these slot machines have a huge 720 winning combinations on them. In order for there to be so many winning combinations on the reels, the wilds can be stacked but apart from that, the symbols on the reels, unlike most other slot machines, can be read both left to right and right to left, doubling the number of winning possibilities.

Star Trek Slots
Star Trek is something of a phenomenon with a devout following all around the world, so it is hardly surprising that any slot machine, that is themed on this truly remarkable TV series, is going to become popular. The Against All Odds versions though, with their amazing 720 winning possibilities and their exciting shooting games in the bonus rounds, have exceeded expectations when it comes to popularity.

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